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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Where have you been?

I know it has been a while since I have posted on the blog.  I have no excuse and I am not going to invent one.

I haven't been here.

But I am here now.

I have decided to get back into the things that I enjoy.  One of them is blogging.  I still take pictures that I want to blog with and yet I don't get them HERE.

So - last year when I was driving back from Salida (I think).  I went by the Royal Gorge (geez, that doesn't look like I spelled it right).  It so happened that there had been a fire the year before and the bridge was badly damaged.  So I wasn't able to get up to the bridge or anything.  But I was able to get close.
Here is a picture of the bridge from my vantage point.

Can you see the bridge way out there?  There are guys working on it and getting it back up to speed.  I happen to be at a park area that is VERY rustic and not easy to get to.  To be frank, I am surprised that my little Cube (Lady Dye) was able to get up here.  But get up here she did and decided to hike around and look at the view.

I decided to walk out a little bit and look over the edge of a cliff... yup, a cliff.  Here is the view.

WHOA!!  That is a long way down.

I am by myself and I realize that I am not in 'hiking shoes'.

 This can't be very safe.  I don't have my tennis shoes - but I
can't keep walking on these rocks in heels.
Do you think this is easy?  See that far edge?  That goes straight down.  Nope there is no railing or anything.  I had  better be more careful, right?

So I do what any sane woman who is crazy enough to walk these treacherous cliffs.  I take off my shoes and walk around barefoot.  

Ok - see what I mean?  This is a whole story that no one got to see because I wasn't blogging.

And alls well that ends well, right?  I am here after all.  I didn't fall off the cliff or anything.  But what if I never told this story?  Then no one would know how crazy I am - would they?

Ah, sanity is over-rated.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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