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Monday, March 31, 2008


You know how it is when you dont feel good and your computer isnt working?


That has been the climate in my house for a bit.

First thing was I lost my voice. And when I say that I lost my voice I mean there was a day when I couldnt say ANYTHING. Normally when I lose my voice, I can still croak out words, it just sounds awful and hurts. Well, I couldnt even croak. Not one bit. I have to say that was the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. And frustrating.

The Big Texan is a darling he really is a wonderful guy, but sometimes he can be so DENSE! (and honey, I mean that in the best possible way).

When I would begin to write him a note, he would lean his ear towards me like he would be able to HEAR what I was writing better!

When I would talk to him in a whisper, he would also talk to me in a whisper.

When I would try to signal him something he would signal back!!!

I COULD HEAR!!!! I just couldnt talk!

He even got online and tried to find sign language so that he could talk to me!

Again I say I COULD HEAR!!!


It was actually quite funny but I really got frustrated.

Thank goodness I have my voice back. The Big Texan is so very lucky he didnt end up with a knitting needle stuck somewhere it shouldnt have been

Thank goodness I have my computer back too.

I can read my emails and blog and podcast and just well SURF!

Life can go back to (somewhat) normal.

Here is a pic of the Friendship shawl

Here is a pic of the beginnings of the Hemlock shawl

And here is the beginnings of my Wisteria in my back yard...

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Friday, March 21, 2008

ENOUGH Already!!!

Ok I have about HAD it with computers.

just HAD it.

NOW - my darling wonderful computer has decided that it won't show me any pictures.
in other words - I CAN'T SEE THE SCREEN!!!!
Oh I can see something - but it isn't very helpful. I can see dots and I can see some slight images - but I can say that my memory is NOT quite that good.
I have been able to update my ipod only because I know exactly which icon is the one to use and because my memory is good enough to know how to update everything - but SHEEESH!!!
I haven't been able to do anything else on it.


AND NOW - I can't even get that to happen.

I want to go buy a new computer - really really want to - but it is tax season and I have to wait until we finish that up. AND Marine Man is coming into town next week. He fixes computers. So rather than spend $300 an hour getting someone to come out or taking the computer to the shop - he said he will fix it (I feel terrible - it is his vacation after all). But he wants to do it.
I want to just spend more $$$ and get a new computer - TODAY.
But he also wants to help me pick out a new computer (if I do have to get one).

So - I have to borrow hubby's computer - which is fine, but I CAN'T podcast on it. Well - not yet anyway.

I may try to download the software to it and attempt to podcast. The only problem with that is I will have to kick everyone out of the living room to do it. Our living room is connected to the kitchen and the rest of the downstairs is quite open - so that means I will be kicking them out of the house.

See - I knew we should have put the television in a game room upstairs.


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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where does the TIME go?

Since I started podcasting, I realized that I don’t blog as much.
Or at least I don’t write as LONG of blogs.

I realize I can’t do both. I have such limited time. I wish I could. I wish this was my REAL job.

Right now, my job is not my real life, it is what I do so that I can have my REAL life. That REAL life includes blogging, podcasting, knitting, my family, teaching, and just as much else as I can fit in it.

I love my REAL life. I love it so much that my family is starting to notice…

OK – so that sounds a little stupid.

Here is an example:
I went knitting on Saturday. My knitting Guild (Bluebonnet Knitting Guild of North Texas) had a table at the Argyle Bluegrass Festival. I had to go and man the table. One of the directives (or goals) of the Guild is to raise awareness of knitting and to teach knitting. We had yarn, needles, and several projects laid out. People would come by and look the items and ask about us and even a few tried knitting and spinning! So I got to sit all day knitting, talking about knitting and teaching knitting. By the time dinner came around – I was so happy I was practically skipping!
Betty Boop laughed at me! But she also said how nice it was to see me so happy.

Then last night I came home from the Guild meeting (it was a good meeting), and I was just bubbling when I walked in the door. The Big Texan remarked on how nice it was to see me that giggly again. That night, when we were getting ready for bed, the Big Texan said – “you know, you might want to go knitting more often than once a week – maybe twice a week or more would be better.”

Here I thought I was being nice by cutting back on my Knitting Nights…
that was one of my New Year's resolutions
I thought I was neglecting my family by being gone so much.

They really want me to be happy. They are happier when I am happy.

Now – how cool is that?

I have the best family.

Like I said – my job is not my real life. But my time is VERY limited.
I was figuring it out the other day. ***

I work 10 hours every day.
I commute 1 to 1.5 hours every day (between 30 and 45 minutes each way).
I have to do cooking (1 hour), household accounts (30 minutes), cleaning (1 hour), and personal hygiene (30 minutes at night, 30 minutes to 1 hour in the morning) daily.
{Please note that some times may have been changed to protect my vanity}.

I have to sleep about 7 hours
ok I am really being generous here – I only sleep about 5.5 – 6 hours every night – but I digress.

So that is:
10 +1 +4 + 7= 22 hours.
Now take away the 40 minutes in the morning that I get up early so that I can knit in the car before work.
22 + .6=22.6 hours

24 – 22.6= 1.4 hours

Now I try to answer personal emails every night, I am in several yahoo groups (I own one) and check my Ravelry emails as well. Let’s be conservative and say that is another 20 minutes every day.

1.4 - .4 = 1 hour

I have 1 hour of leisure time.
again, I am being generous because if I have ANY WEEKNIGHT ERRANDS, COMMITMENTS, BIBLE STUDIES, etc. - this is where they go

Since we got the Wii – the Big Texan and I play every night for about an hour.
ok – I KNOW that is probably not the best thing in the world – but hey, it is a LOT of fun and I promise we don’t have time for this every night.

If I sit to watch ANY TV – just ONE SHOW takes an hour!
now you can see why I actually only get between 5.5- 6 hours of sleep

On nights that I go knit – I don’t do the cooking
unless I have done it the night before-
or that morning
[aren’t crock pots wonderful?]
or (as much) cleaning,
but I still have to give the household accounts a quick look
and answer emails.

Crap – there was a point to this.

But now I am a little depressed.
No wonder I don’t get a lot of knitting done.
No wonder I am so protective of my morning time.
No wonder I multitask.
No wonder I don’t listen to podcasts except in the car.
No wonder I am so tired by the end of the week.

Oh yeah, my point.

My REAL life.

So - that is just during the week.
On weekends, I get to go grocery shopping.
I teach knitting classes at the LYS.
I go to church.
I get to do MY shopping
which I am severely in need of clothes and haven’t gone in a while
- my work clothes are starting to get holes worn in them
and I can't wear some of them AT ALL anymore.
I can't even give them to charity they are so bad.

I spend time with my family.
Do household chores.
I get to do all the things that I don’t have time to do during the week
(you know – the stuff it takes to run a household).

AND THAT is when I get to podcast, blog, knit and do the things that I enjoy.

Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE teaching knitting at the LYS. I really do. I love taking care of my family. I don’t really mind household chores (except that I can’t get ahead of them).

THAT STUFF is part of my REAL life.

I just hate that my REAL life has to be crammed into weekends
and a couple of hours on weeknights.

***Ok – so the other day all I did was say
“hey- I am busy, I work 10 hours a day”
– I didn’t really start figuring it out until just now…

No WONDER I don’t exercise much.
No WONDER I don’t watch that much TV.
No WONDER I am always behind on my TIVO!
No WONDER I am always talking to my sons while I am doing other things!!
No WONDER my hubby has to grab kisses from me ‘on the run’.

NOW I realize why I don’t have time to blog AND podcast on a weekly basis.

I also realize that I have GOT to plan my time better.

I am tired.

Double crap – I just went back and re-read the email –
in my original calculations –
I didn’t add the commuting time in.
I had listed it – but I didn’t add it in.
I thought I had 2 hours of leisure time every day…
now I realize it was only 1 hour…


I have to go lay down now.

Oh wait I can’t.
I am at work!

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Finished Autumn Shawl

I have finished the Autumn Shawl.

It is in the other room blocking!


Here is a picture of the Rockstars on one of our Knit Nights!

Our table at the Argyle Bluegrass Festival

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Autumn Shawl - Ready for the edging

I am still working on the Autumn Shawl... I am ready to do the edging. I cast on 376 stitches last night!! WOW

I will be spending next Saturday at the Argyle Bluegrass Festival. Come & see me!

Argyle Bluegrass Festival

Garterlac Dishcloth Pattern link here

Oh yes - and my Grandson (Mini Sea-Tot) had his first birthday yesterday!

Isn't he precious?