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Monday, December 19, 2011

Episode 103: Just Chillin'

Episode 103 Just Chillin’ 
What’s been going on? 
Been having friends and family over during the holidays.  Have gotten to knit a BUNCH with friends.  Finished the sock pattern, but I have to make a new sock for the pattern, because I can’t get a good picture with the current one! 
Christmas will have all the kids here - It has been over 5 years since we were all together at Christmas.   

Fiber trends pattern - Felted Clogs 
Wrote another new pattern - it will be up on Ravelry soon.  
Been thinking about how to organize my patterns and yarn and HOME.  Dawn from Knit Naturally has a great idea to have a gift box!  I am going to implement a gift box in the new year.  I will try to knit one ‘gift’ thing per month to go in the box.  
Finished my sock pattern - and now have to knit a new sock.  
Amelia - scarf in laceweight yarn
Herring Moebius - worsted weight moebius scarf of my own design.  I love it!  I am going to make a hat to match.  I will be putting this pattern (for free) on Ravelry too! 

Knitting From the Bin  - I look in my stash, but it isn’t well organized.  So I am going to organize my stash a little better this year.   

Eating at Home is a lifestyle.  Healthy eating is the big focus now.  
New Year Focus
Take care of my body, my home, my self.  Need to think of a name for it.... Triple Care?  Pyramid?  Give me suggestions!
Forgive yourself.  Stuff doesn’t have to be perfect. 
Please come visit!

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