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Friday, January 06, 2012

Episode 104: A New Year; A New Beginning

Episode 104 A New Year; A New Beginning    
What’s been going on? 
That is mixed with the “What have I been thinking?” 
Things I accomplished this year: 
Eat @ Home
Knitting from the Bin
Did not accomplish
Master Knitter Program
I am very unhappy with myself for not accomplishing these things.  I have to forgive myself and move forward on this.  I am going to set better goals and work on these.  
Focus by the month will be: 
Jan: Meditation/ Energy Work
Feb: Master Knitter Program
Mar: Spanish
April: Spin
May: Exercise
June: House
then July through Dec will be repeated.  
Wrote a new sock pattern - Ruth’s Reversal Socks.  
Dawn from Knit Naturally has a great idea to have a gift box!  I am going to implement a gift box in the new year.  I will try to knit one ‘gift’ thing per month to go in the box.  Again, I will focus on ONE person a month and knit an item for them.  
Amelia - scarf in laceweight yarn
I am going to cast the Fiber trends  Felted Clogs on as soon as I finish the Amelia.  

New Year Focus
Take care of my body, my home, my self.  The name for this is going to be Cleaning out Cobwebs (COC).  I am going to be cleaning out the cobwebs in my mind, my body and my home.  
None this week.
Please come visit!

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