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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Episode 105: Where is everyone going?

Episode 105 Where is everyone going?
What’s been going on? 
Some podcasts are stopping - goodbye to Knit A Journey
and Stitchit!  I am sorry to see these two wonderful podcasts end.  
Got our bikes fixed and have started riding them.  It is such a fun way to exercise.  
Started taking a cake decorating class at Hobby Lobby.   I have baked 4 cakes in the last week - I don’t think this is going to help my waistline at all. 
Amelia - scarf in laceweight yarn
I have been looking at different patterns to cast on once this is finished.  I am going to start knitting on the Kirra Jacket before I cast anything on though.   Need to find yarn for the pattern the Infinite Loop.

COC (Cleaning out Cobwebs)
 I have finished reading one of the books I wanted to read this month and have gotten half way through the next one.  I am on track.  
I have been meditating too and I feel energized.  
Start a leftover stash busting project.  I recommend the Beekeepers Quilt or the Barn Raising Quilt for sock yarns.  You can also make a long scarf along the lines of the Yarn Harlot’s recipe.  I really like the Knitty Gritty Skinny Scarf.
Gift Basket
Jan: scarf completed
Monthly Focus schedule
Jan: Meditation/ Energy Work
Feb: Master Knitter Program
Mar: Spanish
April: Spin
May: Exercise
June: House
then July through Dec will be repeated. 
Please come visit!
Checkout my sock pattern - Ruth’s Reversal Socks.  

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