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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Episode 107 Trying not to Stall

What’s been going on? 
Only a week since the last podcast!  
Keeping up with goals and the house.  (Flylady is a blessing!)
Been de-cluttering and keeping up with the household chores.  
I have also been listening to the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins from  It is wonderful!  
Keeping my priorities right - trying to decide to what to give up or take on for Lent.  I think I am going to give up processed foods - but am going to be careful.  This stems from my love for stouffer’s macaroni & cheese (it is more of an addiction than a love).  I need to give it up and would rather make a broader statement (for my health’s sake).  
Amelia - scarf in laceweight yarn - DONE!  
Beaded scarf - DONE!      
I figured out where I was on knitting the Kirra Jacket .  I have knit a row or two on it.  
Started the Felted Clogs (Fibertrends pattern).  
I still haven’t found yarn for the pattern the Infinite Loop, but I am now organizing my stash a little at a time.

COC (Cleaning out Cobwebs)
 January was a success.  I have finished two of the books that I wanted to read and have started on the third one.  
February focus is Master Knitter Program.  I haven’t been doing it!  I realized that I need to have a TIME to do things - so 10am is going to be my Master Knitter time every day.  We will see if that works.      
Check needle size (with a needle gauge) before you start the project.  Even if you are sure, double check.  
Gift Basket
Jan: scarf completed
Feb:  scarf completed
Monthly Focus schedule
Jan: Meditation/ Energy Work
Feb: Master Knitter Program
Mar: Spanish
April: Spin
May: Exercise
June: House
then July through Dec will be repeated. 
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